At what point did technology consume our lives completely? Is social media making us less attached to reality? Why do we not live in the moment? Why do we capture the most intimate moments with our camera phones instead of our hearts? Since when do we not find an inch of happiness in simplicity? This puzzles me…

I believe we are a lost generation, some of us are content with that, and some of us are not. When I say lost, I am most certainly not saying it in means of having no hope. I will always believe there is hope for better; the work just has to be right, with it ready and waiting to be implemented. So, when I say lost I am referring to lost souls needing to find out who they really are, what they stand for, and what they desire out of life. In that instant, when the answers are obtained, the luxury of happiness will emerge and remain.

Luxury is often familiarized with affluence. Luxury hotels suites, designer jewelry and clothing, expensive cars, and anything else that we may acquire based off want and not need. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting the best of the best if you feel you deserve it, I am concerned about the cost of it all. Not the monetary value but the cost of devaluation of life before those things. The appreciation that you had for life before those material things that you praise could be tainted without even realizing it.

Material things are not the only luxuries of life. It’s a luxury to have life itself, a life that is yours and that you can do what you will with. It’s a luxury to hear the rain that just ruined your perfect evening out against your window. Little Suzie is sitting at the window just around the corner from you watching the same rain splash across a keyboard that she purposely left outside because she is upset that she doesn’t have luxury of hearing the melodic tunes, for she is deaf. Just down the block Joseph is laying in a bed listening to the darkest punk rock music you can imagine because he is frustrated that he doesn’t have the luxury to dance to that pop song that he loves so much, for he is paralyzed from the waist down. Two blocks over at the dance school is Anita who is dancing as if her life depends on it, expressing every bit of anger through the aggression of her movements, for she’s suffering from mutism.

Luxury is appreciating and being happy with what you do have at any given time, for the fact that others may not have that luxury.