The Luxury of Time: The Double Standard pt1



Time is of the essence, they say. Live every day as it’s your last, they say. So many lives are abruptly taken from us. Sometimes it happens in a blink of an eye…so unexpectedly. Other times, it happens painfully slow. I’ve lost family and I’ve lost friends both ways, neither one is easier to handle over the other. You can try to mentally prepare yourself for things like that however, it never really take the pain away from the situation.

So they say, you only live once…yolo. The fact that life can be taken from us at any moment leads some to believe that you have to go at life in a faster fashion than what you would have, originally. You have to experience all that life has to offer in the little time that you have, there is no more time to waste. What happens if the goals you set for tomorrow are not accomplished? No…not because you were too lazy to do so, but because now it is impossible for you to do so. Is it scary…thinking that way?

But wait…yolo…anything can happen, tell your 13-year-old niece to stop acting like a kid, come from outside during recess, get in those books so she can one day become a doctor. And wait…live every day as it’s your last…and spend that rent check on that flight to Vegas to see Money May, you can always use the gofundme account for your rent miss lady. Oh, wait…time is of the essence…make a child with that woman who has it all together, she’s accepting you now as you are, not yet a man, but you may not get this opportunity again.

Lets back track now, I’m running out of sarcasm. Let’s just think and question. Would you dare tell a child, not to be a child and do as a child do? Would you let them surpass their youth for what might be? Would you chance your own stability for what could be dead-end possibilities? Is that logical? My dear brother…how can you, a boy, raise a human when you yourself have not fully risen to the occasion? Lets just think…we need answers.