The Luxury of Time: The Double Standard pt2



Now time is of the essence but take things slow they say. You ever notice that when it comes to matters of the heart, emotions, they say its best to go in slow motion. Live fast, but love slowlywisely. That one friend you encountered that always had the time of their lives, able to make a decision on where to party at the drop of a dime but when asked who do you love…you hear nothing but wind. Oh, you were that friend? Okay. It’s understandable. Our hearts are the cores of our soul and if we don’t shield it from danger, who will? That is why a lot of us unveil our cores selectively, sparingly, and leisurely.

So, yea, you only live once but don’t do anything dumb. There is a thought process behind expressing emotions, whether verbally or through actions. You don’t want to be perceived as ‘doing too much’, nor do you want to not do enough and give off the vibe of disinterest. That thought process in it self takes time. Acting without thinking can only get you two kinds of results…bad or good. There is no in between, so the process is necessary (or so some would think.)

The dove, miss lady, she took that time. She went through the process. Things went slowly…leisurely. She verbalized what was starved in the core of her soul, yet she went unfed. Maybe it hadn’t been enough time, she waited…leisurely. She made another attempt to express her starvation; still going unfed never transforming into a swan…so in her case taking things slowly…lead to wasted time.

This gentleman, a lion in his den. He saw his target, focused on it, and attacked. On his first attack he was scarred. Maybe he came at his target the wrong way, he re-focused but took no time pronouncing his second attack or his third in which both was shut down. He didn’t have luxury of figuring out why he was shut down, he had a kingdom to run, but there was only one last way to approach his target and that was to approach not attack. He hit his mark not because he took things slowly, but he did things wisely. Needless to say even that took time.

No matter how you approach life, there is no rulebook. Only time will tell you what’s tailor-made for you.