The Rant.

 I never try to be ridiculously oblivious to the things that goes on around me, however I do confine myself to my own little bubble. I rarely watch the news, in fear that hell will soon consume earth. Some would argue that this has already fallen upon us. This is not to keep myself ignorant, but to keep my own sanity.

 From the outside looking in, I am a very strong person who has it all together. On the inside I can be an emotional wreck who obsessively worries about everything and how I could never be enough to help the world. I put myself in positions to help others when needed, when asked, not because I feel like good karma will circle back to me but because I want that person to be happy. I love being around happy and/or positive people. I love being around great spirits. It makes me happy. Laughing…smiling. 

 In the midst of it all how can I be so happy when today’s youth are weighing in on an unbalanced scale? We have some who are growing into themselves and portraying who they genuinely are, reaching for those goals that are going to make them happy as well as successful. Then we have others who are products of their environment, who are not in a position to understand the workings of the world, and don’t have anyone to help them along in learning themselves, finding what truly makes them happy and how they can finagle their way around the systems set up to hold them back from getting to the organizations produced to help them build for themselves. There aren’t many affordable helping hand organizations for these young people. There aren’t many role models available to invest their time in these young people. Time is money right? Yet, youth is future…right? 

 If the youth is the answer for the future, then why are so many young people being unjustly murdered? This would mean there would not be any hope for the future. This is what I get so consumed in. It can be very depressing. I try my best to reach out to the youth around me and express the beauty in life, and making the decisions that make you truly happy. On the same accord, truly helping the youth realize the type of world they live in. Once they realize the set up, they can set themselves up for true success. There is always a road map and you have to figure out where your obstacles lie along with where your detours are to get to your destination. Most importantly we need to show our youth that it will not be a smooth ride. We need instill in them mental strength and endurance so they can be that cliché rose that’s some how growing from concrete.