Love Envy


“The white picket fence…”

Happy Endings. I’m a sucker for happy endings. I’m weak when it comes to a raw love story. I cry tears of joy when the king and queen have their epic moment of reunion. I always know how the love story ends, yet and still…tears of joy.

Now in the old days, the prince saves the princess. In today’s world, it’s a different storyline. The lady saves the lad…but instead of saving them from ghouls, goblins, and evil queens she saves him from his own heartlessness. Old renditions or new renditions, the goal for me is raw, passionate, uncontrollable, unconditional love. It’s the most enviable thing you could ever witness. Who wouldn’t want their own fairytale love?

I find myself on the dating scene trying not to think too much into situations. I tell myself to go with the flow, do what feels right and it will all come in due time. Easy enough, right? Not really. I can’t pretend and say I don’t think about whether or not I’m secure in this situation…if the connection is true…if the respect is present and evident. Yeah so, the first couple months of dating it’s easy to go solely off vibes and just have fun. It is always fun and games, laughs and smiles, until it hits you…I like this guy.

Living in today’s society it is impossible to come to that realization and NOT go into defense mode. When you get to the point where you know you are susceptible to the vulnerability in which your guy brings out of you. Personally, I go into fight or flight mode. I could go in with all my armor on, ready to fight through and see where that path takes me with hopes to not get my feelings stepped on or worst…stepped over. On the flip, I could take the gloves off and be on the first flight to Fear City with a connection to Punkville. I have been in both modes before, I may have dodged bullets by deterring from my emotions, but I may have also missed out on something. I may have even fought for the wrong person in the past, but I know that I’m capable of fighting for love.

I would suspect if the feelings that one has are respected, and the connection is built with true intentions on both ends then that could lead to great foundation. That foundation can be laid as a bridge between that person and their partner. That way they can meet in the middle and discuss their feelings and expectations. And if it’s a solid foundation, the bridge may never collapse. You may get your happy ending.

No one wants to be the lonesome cat lady. Growing older, this is a fear for us women in today’s world. We see so many “in love” running off to get married just to get divorced. It’s very discouraging. However, if we look away from fairytales, white picket fences, and social media and adjust our own priorities, fix our own brokenness with self-love and realization then that old school love that everyone envies can be achieved.

Love is about taking risks and having hope. We can’t lust over other’s peoples love stories. With patience, love will come to us, tailor-made.


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