A Luxurious Release: Letting Go


You know when you want something so badly that you go lengths to obtain it just to realize you didn’t really need it?

Well this isn’t that…

This is a matter of the psyche…when your mind and soul tells you that you need something so badly to the point that you go lengths to keep it. This is about hoarders. There’s not just one type of hoarder.

There’s the hoarder that harbors emotions. Either emotions for a person, toward a person, or maybe even just as a result of a situation. It gets to the point where you rather go blind than see that person walk away. You rather scratch your eyes out than to see them happy. You rather disappear than deal with the situation at hand. It becomes apart of who you are, and you do everything humanly possible to keep that feeling.


When you are at the stage where these emotions are embedded into everything that makes you who you are, who are you without them? That’s the frightening thing about it all, that’s the sole reason for you to keep it all inside. Though we fight to hold on, we all have a breaking point.

Once you breakdown there is nothing else to do but rebuild. Rebuilding means starting from the bottom up…starting from scratch. Rebuilding means having courage. It takes courage to strip yourself of each element that you used to define who you are, no matter if it’s people or things. Separating yourself from those things and looking at the naked truth is a strenuous task. Being comfortable with what you see is even more difficult. With this though, comes gratification and appreciation. When you can truly accomplish this you can take from those harbored emotions; a lesson…instead of those emotions taking from you; your peace of mind.

This is the process of letting go….
Stay Tuned: It gets harder from here, this is the PROCESS of release…there is still a step I can’t speak on yet but it’s in the works: Knowing Your Worth vs Understanding Your Worth


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