Beauty in Unity: Black Lives Matter Edition


The world as of today has far too many tragedies taking place. Lives are being taken in one too many countries. From terrorism, to racism, to trafficking, to slavery…HUMAN lives are being taken.

What value do you put on a single human life? Does one man’s life mean more than another? To whom? That is the real question. And who gives this person the right to pass the judgment that one man’s life is more inestimable than the other?

In one of the most popular, structured, “free” countries in the world there is turmoil. Disquietude flows throughout the United States of America for the umpteenth time. Our clocks were set back 100 years slowly and unnoticeably, we are trying to pushing them forward by 50, but there is more work to do, especially to become current.

How do we live in a world with laws manufactured by historic white Americans, amended by historic white Americans, and dictated by descendants of those same white Americans? How does the LAW justify the wrongful deaths of African Americans committed by LAW enforcers? Take a look at that last sentence…who’s side is the law on?

Let’s take a minute to clear the air on the black-on-black crime push back which has nothing to do with African American men (and women) being brutally and wrongfully punished to the point of death by law enforcement:

Though its not condoned either, it’s simple. African American kills another African American, it’s a far better chance that wrongdoer will be arrested and sent to prison which brings justice to the family of the innocent.

Let’s look at the issues we’ve faced so far: Law enforcer kills inculpable African American, either within or out of the scope of duty, law enforcement immediately get placed on administrative leave. Investigation commence. Federal refuses to take part in investigation. Local investigation ends, it’s tried, and law enforcement is rendered not guilty.

Is it a bit clearer now? The only thing that needs to be said at this point in time about blacks in regard to other blacks is that now is the time to unite and demand that the law is TRULY amended to include African American’s right to life and equality. What does it take for this to happen? Seeing gang rivals come together to promote peace among the black community is shocking and amazing to see. The peaceful protests around the world is a beautiful beginning. Still as this is taking place lynchings are happening in the south. More police-involved shootings are taking place.

What does it take to let the world know this is a real issue?

Maybe it took this headline: 2 Dallas officers Shot

Or this headline: 10 Dallas officers shot; 3 killed

Maybe the final Headline: 14 people shot by sniper in Downtown Dallas. 12 officers, 2 civilians; 5 officers killed. The worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11.

Violence will NEVER counteract violence, and it is not the answer. What it will do is bring severity to the situation. So many hearts and prayers go out to the people who were harmed in this violent attack after a peaceful protest. Condolences are sent to the justly officers who were caught in the crossfire, to their families, to their justly partners who stayed back to help them and the civilians of Dallas to safety while risking their lives in the crossfire. You justly officers will forever and always have our gratitude.

What we need to keep in mind is that even with this being a senseless act of crime, it is a RESULT of wrongful acts of unjustly, timid officers across the world. The honorable officers and civilians who were harmed should not have to pay for the souls of the unjust, especially not with their lives, but the number one question is: Who should?

We need answers. We need results. We need peace, love, unity, and equality. We need it now.


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