The Beautifully Insane: Renewing Love


Disclaimer: In this post the definition of insanity will not reflect the original definition, yet the defined philosophy belonging to Albert Einstein. 

Let’s discuss the hopeless romantic. The ceaseless broken-hearted. The lover of love. We will label this person a woman. Though there may be many men whom fit these adjectives, this one is for my warm-hearted women.

She comes into womanhood with a heart big enough to bring world peace. Willingly, she gives her all [heart] to a singular person with hopes that the gesture is reciprocated. She goes through hoops, trials, and heartbreak in hopes that her feelings aren’t taken for granted. With hopes that the feelings are mutual. After however long, she realizes that she began the phases of mourning: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Once the final stage is upon her there is momentary relief, a chance to get to know herself a bit more. However, after small relief her heart yearns for companionship and it happens to fall in her lap again. For whatever reason, the cycle continues down the same path for some time.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In this situation I would pose the question: Is it insanity to continuously open your heart to others with hopes that it will be handled with care? Is it naive?

Is there a point in time where she should say enough is enough, I will not allow my passion to give love destroyed me? Do we believe this is wise or do we believe this is bitter? Let’s look at it. While one woman goes the hardened heart route the other goes through the cycle once more.

Ms. Tough-titts shuts down every new relationship she encounters in fear of another tragedy. She becomes the guardian of her own heart no longer able to recognize what’s in its best interest and what isn’t. Do we label her wise? Or do we label her coward? Some may label her bitter. Or some may label her a bitch.

Is it better to act negatively as a result of a negative outcome? With those negative views and fears comes the negative stereotyping. Now, though the way others think of you reflects upon themselves and not upon you, it is safe to say that it causes momentary influence on your spirit.

On the contrast, Ms. Insanity is whirled within the cycle yet again. Entering the cycle with a smile, a broad heart, and a light spirit. She now has one more outcome than Ms. Tough-titts. Either she will go through and end the cycle as she did before or something great can emerge due to what she is willing to offer. The difference in these two women and what they are willing to offer is simple and can be concluded in one word: Faith.

They say that faith is complete trust and belief in the unseen. When that faith in love becomes so great to the point where the cycle is no longer the case, the unseen becomes physically visible and spiritually felt. Insanity then becomes a flourished, thriving state of mind.


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