Guardian of Peace


A Moment in Time

At times I crave safety. Security. Though not endangered physically, I yearn for a safe haven away from the inner workings of my mind.

Sometimes, I dream of a moment. A time in space where silence falls and my unconsciously conscious mind mutes. All the while I am submersed within the grips of you. Your arms come together to form what becomes the lock which blocks the wonders of the world from seeping through. The circumference of your position is the vault custom made for me.

Your heartbeat is the key. It has all the power.

It has the power to keep my focus on the nothing that is taking place at that very instance. It has the power to unlock my vault and throw me to the wolves that await to devour my peace of mind. Most importantly, it has the power to keep me, shield me. To give such a beautiful moment.

A moment of which everything matters, yet nothing matters at all. A moment in which everything is in existence, yet there is no movement whatsoever. A moment of pure bliss. Of safety. A moment of security. A moment of you…of me. A moment of simply being.


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