The Beautiful Psyche


Disclaimer: All women are different, in different ways. The expressions below may not apply to all women.

First thing’s first, definition of the day: Stimulus ( pl. Stimuli)

1.) something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.

In psychology, some would define a stimulus as a change in energy received by the senses. I would hope you remember your five senses right? Great!

Now day in and day out we hear men say that the way women think is abnormal, unconsituted, and even illogical. Women are emotional, unstable creatures of the world they say. Well men, I would prove you wrong if it were possible. There’s always some exceptions, however you’re  correct.

Let’s think about it: We should agree that every action has a reaction. Go back to the basics people, we know this, we learned this in school. So, as the emotional, unstable creatures of the world it should concurringly be known that our emotions are evoked by the stimuli which feeds our senses. Sound familiar? Action | Reaction

If a woman sees that the love of her life is showing affection to another woman it may push her to slash a tire or two. Hey, now I’m not saying it’s ok to go around giving your boyfriend’s tires a little surgical procedure. I am saying that here we have a stimulus (the action of her lover giving affection to another.) We have that stimulus causing a shift in energy (the rage gained from what was witnessed.) Now, the reaction…could have been handled differently to say the least.

Now to my wonderful male reader who couldn’t quite grasp the message in that last example due to the cloudiness that was the craziness, I can do you one better. Let’s talk about sex! 

Remember: Action | Reaction  &  Stimulus | Energy Change

With a lot of women, sex is not all about the physical. In most cases, its majority mental stimulation that drives the appetite. [Hey there’s that root word again!]

You can have sex with your woman and not talk to her at all. You don’t caress her one time, nor do you allow her to caress you at her own discretion. [Talk, Caress | Hear, Touch | Senses] This could be a recipe for a Sahara Sandwich.  -OR-  You could do all of these things and you both are as happy as Flipper in the deep blue sea. Here we have a stimulus (the action of talking and/or caressing.) We have that stimuli causing a shift in energy (the inticement/emotions gained through her senses.) Now, the reaction…imagination can get you further here.

 Breaking it down to say, it is not inhuman to be driven by emotion. Sometimes as not only women, but human beings, embracing how you feel is not so bad, and rewarding on occasions. Controlling (…or not controlling) your actions behind those emotions is an entirely different story of which I have no experience to share, so if you feel like there should be a part two to this post on how to do so…don’t hold your breath.


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