The Coquette Effect


Eyes twice glazed over, he sat there watching her. He could see her in the bedroom through the living room mirror. The bedroom door was open, exposing her in nothing but what she was born with. It was as if she knew he was watching, the way her body twisted, the moves she made. She spread lotion like warm butter to buns. Her back was facing him, and she bent down slowly, her hands clasping her left ankle. His head tilted as she bent, his eyes following every move she made. She could get anything she wanted from him, and he didn’t want to admit it was true. He didn’t know how he got himself into such a predicament. He didn’t even have the chance to think about it because he realized she was staring back at him through the mirror. Her grin said it all…she knew what she was doing. The bedroom door slowly closed, cutting off his line of sight. It was hard…being so close, yet so far away from someone he wanted but couldn’t touch. And he knew…he knew she did what she did, what she does constantly, in so many way…with purpose.

Power. The addiction of all addictions. So many women, for so many reasons, use the power of manipulation to rise to power positions. The action of manipulation does not always have to involve the act of sex, however to some women that is the quickest route. I am not here to judge, just stating the obvious.

The man, in today’s world, is still seen as the most powerful human species on the planet in most eyes. So, when a woman can effectively manipulate a man of power two things happen: (1) She first gains the attention and admiration of the powerful figure, and (2) the power he had, has now transferred. The power flows from him to her with each broken barrier, and vulnerability succumbs him. It’s a mental game, and she’s made a power play. It’s the art of manipulation. The addiction is within the knowing that she has what it takes bring such a powerful person down to his knees. The addiction is in the process (whether long or short) of seeing that man go from hulk to human, and kneeling at her heels.

So, what happens when the game is recognized and adversary plays are drafted and put into action? That man becomes the hulk he once was. What does she do? Move on to the next? And the next…until they all know her blueprint. Or maybe she does it until she grows older and less attractive? Until she has no option but to find the power, to find power within, and rise to the occasion. Discovering that of one’s self will truly display the art of mind manipulation.



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