The Beholder


Beauty is in the  eye of the beholder, we’ve all heard it. Do we internalize it? That is the question…

Writing has always been an outlet for me as well as other unlocked creative abilities that I may possess. I’m not much of a poet, nor a song writer, nor a painter…I do possess a quality that some people don’t have. I have the ability to put words together and succumb to such extreme measures of  vulnerability that the underlying messages reach and relate to others when read. To me, that is what Beauty is. Being able to express raw emotion, though not verbally expressed aloud it is equally effective. Doing so on an international platform is a Luxury.

This is exactly what I am setting out to do: if I can reach at least one youth through my writing to let them know that they are not alone and to make sure that they come to the realization that there is a positive spin on anything negative that can happen in their lives. All you have to do is a little searching to find it, and if my perspectives on certain subjects can help push that process along…I am fulfilled.

Each moment in life is a blessing or a lesson.

“Redefining the beauty in what is seen. Relabeling what is felt to be luxurious. Starting inside out.”


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